Alz Research Link Love: Resveratrol Trial Publishes Positive Results

Alzheimer???s disease cannot be prevented or cured, but a recent study suggests a compound naturally occurring in foods such as red grapes, dark chocolate, peanuts & red wine may help slow the process of cognitive decline. Participants in the phase 2 clinical trial were given a high dose of resveratrol to monitor brain volume and levels of amyloid and tau proteins in blood and cerebrospinal fluid. The results of the study showed that an amyloid-related biomarker, which would normally decline with the progression of Alzheimer???s disease, remained stable when an individual with mild to moderate Alzheimer???s was given a high dose of purified resveratrol.

While the results of the study are positive, resveratrol is not yet a viable option or solution for those with Alzheimer???s. The pure, synthetic form of resveratrol used in the study is not commercially available nor can you obtain the amounts necessary to achieve the desired effect from eating food or drinking it in wine. The highest dose of resveratrol used in the study is equivalent to the amount in about 1,000 bottles of red wine!

While resveratrol cannot be currently recommended as treatment, with further research in larger and more diverse groups of individuals, perhaps resveratrol will become part of the solution to eliminating Alzheimer???s. Speak out to increase Alzheimer???s research funding ??? visit to get involved.

Click the following link to read the study published September 11th, 2015, on Neurology –

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