Alzheimer’s Early Stage Programming Every Tuesday at Moody Gardens

Growing Together with Moody Gardens: Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Program

Meets first Tuesday, October to April – 9:30am – 11am
(You can come to just one event)

The Alzheimer’s Association Houston & Southeast Texas is honored to partner with Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX to present this exciting Early-Stage Alzheimer’s programming to the Bay Area.

The Alzheimer’s Association early-stage engagement programs offer a comfortable way to get out, get active and get connected to others who are living in the beginning stage of Alzheimer’s or other dementia. Go bowling, attend a baseball game or speak candidly and confidentially via telephone with others living with dementia. Connecting with people who understand what you are going through may provide you with the support, encouragement and inspiration necessary to move beyond your diagnosis.

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Although symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks, the Alzheimer’s Association is here for you, day and night. Our programs and support services connect you with peers and professionals to help you make the plans and adjustments necessary to live your best life for as long as possible.

Join Us on the first Tuesday of the Month for these exciting programs at Moody Gardens

  • The programs?? start each morning at 10am and it will last until approximately 11-11:30am
  • Check ins starting at 9:30am. This will allow us time to get everybody checked in and transported to the right location for the event.
  • Coffee set up in the room each morning

October 4th:?????Wings of Color???- Join us for a up close look at some of our amazing birds with one of our Rainforest Biologist. Look at the different aspects and characteristics behind the species and what makes them so special and unique. After the keeper chat and seeing how different each bird species is in their own way, try painting yourself as a bird. Would you be an eagle soaring high, a macaw high in the trees of the rainforest or a clumsy penguin in the frigid arctic temperatures?

November 1st: “Rainforest Jewelry” – This workshop will introduce participants to jewelry made by rainforest natives from natural sources. Beautiful artifacts made from brightly colored feathers, nuts, and seeds will be shown along with a short talk on how the objects were made. Participants will then be able to string their own brightly colored jewelry for themselves or to gift to a friend or loved one. Provided supplies will include a selection of large colored beads made from natural materials and leather cord.

December 6th:?????Holidays with the Chef???- Come to celebrate the holidays with our chef with treats and hot chocolate. To start learn how to create your own holiday in a jar (cookie mix jars) to take home and enjoy with your family while socializing with our chef about your favorite holiday treats with some delicious hot chocolate to keep you warm. Once holiday activity concludes enjoy a private showing (optional) of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 4D film.

January 3rd:?????Swim Beneath the Waves???- Surfs up as we talk a swim through our Caribbean Tunnel. Learn about all the different fish and sharks that call these warm temperature waters home between different adaptations, characteristics and how they all make this ecosystem work. Then take a swim to the surface to see what all entails of taking care of these amazing animals. Talk with a biologist and get the chance to watch (or broadcast feed) some of our fish from the surface.

February 7th:?????Love for our Animals???- Take a stroll in the life of a biologist here at??Moody??Gardens. See what goes into caring for our animals daily to give them a full and happy life. Help the biologist by making some enrichment for them to use with our animals to change up their day and add something special to their environment.

March 7th:?????Soaring High???- Join us high in the canopy of the Rainforest as we search the tree tops for birds in the tree tops. During your visit, take your best shoot (picture) at capturing our birds in their natural habitat.

April 4th:?????Bring May Flowers???- Get a leg up and help to plant some of plants for the upcoming butterfly migration while learning about the different aspects of a butterfly. How they eat, fly and live in such a big world! Take your very own milkweed home to plant and help with Monarch butterfly. Watch them stop by for a drink on their long migration.

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