Alzheimer’s Foto Friday-The Face of Helpline

Happy Friday to all! On this chilly Foto Friday, we are spotlighting our own Helpline Coordinator, Alma Diaz. We wanted to give everyone a chance to meet the person behind the warm and comforting voice you hear when you call the Alzheimer’s Association’s Helpline.

What do you like most about working as Helpline Coordinator?

I am the front line of care and support at the Alzheimer??????s Association. I enjoy being able to lend an ear and meet the needs of individuals who have been affected by this disease.?????I’m also bilingual and able to serve Spanish speaking individuals, which allows me to help people who may otherwise not get the assistance they need.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Compiling and reporting the statistics of all the programs and services the Alzheimer??????s Association delivers. Last month we served over?????69,000 people.

Do?????you have any collections?

YES! I collect, key chains locally and from around the world. I have over 20. My favorite is my Hello Kitty key chain. I also have many from Europe!

What ?????has been your favorite experience at the Alzheimer??????s Association?

My favorite experience is ?????when I revealed to the office that I LOVE Hello Kitty and the entire staff burst into laughter! Three weeks later, Kelly McCann, the Program Officer, gave me a box of Hello Kitty jelly beans.

What is your favorite meal?

CHINESE FOOD especially Lo Mein! I could probably eat it EVERYDAY!



You can reach the Alzheimer’s Association Helpline by dialing 713.314.1313. We know that living with Alzheimer??????s can be overwhelming at times, so feel free to call us as often as you need.????????????????????Remember, we are here for you ???????????? all day, every day.

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