Inaugural Alzheimer’s Research Congressional Update in Houston, TX

Alzheimer's Congressional Research Update Houston
Alzheimer’s Research Congressional Update Houston

Today we were proud to host the inaugural Alzheimer???s Research Congressional Update

We are thrilled to partner with UTHealth to bring Houston and Southeast Texas this exciting Alzheimer’s research event.?? We give special thanks to our hosts, Congressmen Ted Poe, Gene Green, Al Green, and Pete Olson for making this day of learning and awareness possible.?? We were also happy to welcomed Mr. Steven Williams from the City of Houston Health and Human Services, Alzheimer???s Association board members, and other distinguished guests.?? Congressman Poe did not join us today due to health concerns. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to working with him in the future.

We gathered together today because Alzheimer???s disease is the 6th leading cause of death and the only one in the top ten causes of death with no means for prevention or cure.?? Alzheimer???s is both a serious public health crisis and a significant national financial burden. ??Today we shared Alzheimer’s research information that will help our elected officials better serve their constituents.?? We confronted the Alzheimer???s epidemic and the challenges it poses to both scientists and caregivers.?? Our visitors saw firsthand the innovative research that is being sponsored by the Alzheimer???s Association and being conducted at UTHealth.?? Without support in the government, eradicating Alzheimer???s will remain a dream.?? We hope that this event will inspire our visitors to continue to support the nation???s collective fight against this deadly disease.

Opening Remarks by Richard Elbein, Chief Executive Officer of the Alzheimer???s Association Houston and Southeast Texas Chapter

In his open remarks, Richard Elbein, Chief Executive Officer of the Alzheimer???s Association Houston and Southeast Texas Chapter shared about the Alzheimer’s Association and how it has undertaken several research initiatives in anticipation of the escalating number of individuals who will develop Alzheimer’s disease as the baby boom generation ages and in recognition of the need to make up for lost time.

More than 100 years have passed since German physician Dr. Alois Alzheimer first discovered the amyloid plaques and tau tangles in the brain that characterize Alzheimer’s disease. However, only in the last 35 years has research into the causes, treatments, symptoms and risk factors of Alzheimer’s gained momentum.?? We are now at a tipping point where every research dollar spent moves us closer to a world without Alzheimer???s.

The Alzheimer’s Association Houston??& Southeast Texas Chapter??consists of families, caregivers, scientists, health professionals, and concerned citizens who are committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research and providing care to patients, their families and loved ones.???? As the largest nonprofit funder of Alzheimer???s research in the world, the Alzheimer???s Association supports research in a number of ways:

  • Since awarding its firstgrants??in 1982, the Association has awarded more than $350 million to over 2,300 best-of-field grant proposals.?? The scientists that you meet today, Dr. Ines Moreno-Gonzalez and Dr. Rodrigo Morales, both have projects that are currently funded by Alzheimer???s Association grants.
  • The Alzheimer???s Association has also developed TrialMatch, a free, easy-to-use clinical studies matching service that connects individuals with Alzheimer’s, caregivers, healthy volunteers and physicians with current studies. Our continuously updated database of Alzheimer’s clinical trials includes more than 225 promising clinical studies being conducted at over 700 trials sites across the country.
  • Additionally, the Association publishes a high-impact peer review journal and hosts the largest international meeting of Alzheimer???s researchers and scientists.

Cure and Prevent the?? Most Common Diseases of Our Time Through Education, Research and Clinical Practice

We are thrilled to also extend our partnership with the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, whose vision?? aims at ???excellence above all in the quest to be an acknowledged leader in the collaboration to treat, cure and prevent the most common diseases of our time through education, research and clinical practice.??? In the lecture hall where we met today, generations of thought leaders in biomedical research and the practice of medicine have been educated, trained, and imparted with a passion for community service.

ARCU: Alzheimer’s Research Congressional Research Update hosts Gene Green, Al Green, and Pete Olson

Today, we are asked attendees of the first ever Alzheimer’s Research Congressional Update to be a part of the solution; they are concerned, interested, and engaged in problem solving at a very high level.?? They recognize that as long as anyone with a brain is at risk of developing Alzheimer???s, each of us has a vested interest in the fight.?? Days like today will show us what is being done, but we are mindful that more is needed.?? Money is needed to continue research projects already underway and to see new projects to come.?? These efforts will bring more jobs to the Houston area and help manage and ultimately end this dreaded disease.

We want to say, thank you to all those who joined us today; thank you for your attention, and thank you for supporting the vision of the Alzheimer???s Association.


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The Alzheimer's Association Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter ( consists of families, caregivers, scientists, health professionals, and concerned citizens who are committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and to easing the burden of Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders on patients and their families and loved ones.