Be A Hero On Alzheimer’s Action Day

What would you do to achieve a world without AlzheimerΓÇÖs? Climb the worldΓÇÖs tallest mountains? Trek great distances? Write your member of congress? This month, World AlzheimerΓÇÖs Awareness Month, we celebrate the everyday heroes who devote their time and resources to raising awareness and supporting efforts to find a cure for AlzheimerΓÇÖs.

Tomorrow, AlzheimerΓÇÖs Action Day, you can join the ranks of these everyday heroes.


  • Start by putting your social media prowess to work. Turn Facebook purple by changing your profile pic to our END ALZ icon. Ask your friends to do the same. You can find the icon on our Facebook page. If you tweet, use the #EndAlz hashtag to raise awareness among your loyal followers.
  • Wear purple on Wednesday. Then be trendsetter by encouraging your coworkers, friends and family to wear purple, too.
  • Finally, take a minute to become an Advocate. WeΓÇÖll keep you up-to-date on advocacy issues and activities.

These AlzheimerΓÇÖs Actions will be a gentle reminder that there is a global effort underway to fight Alzheimer’s disease and that we can all be a part of it. We can all be heroes on AlzheimerΓÇÖs Action Day.

AlzTex Admin

The Alzheimer's Association Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter ( consists of families, caregivers, scientists, health professionals, and concerned citizens who are committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and to easing the burden of Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders on patients and their families and loved ones.