Join Penny and Become an Alzheimer’s Association ALZ Star!

ALZ Star Penny Garcia will run the Chevron Houston Marathon in honor of her father.

The Chevron Houston Marathon is less than three months away, but you can still register today through the Alzheimer’s Association ALZ Star Team!

The Chevron Houston Marathon Run for a Reason Program connects passionate runners with the Alzheimer’s Association and other meaningful causes here in Houston. Runners who join the ALZ Star team can raise funds and awareness for our mission to end Alzheimer’s disease while also participating in the largest-single day sporting event in Houston.

Penny Garcia has been running as an ALZ Star for three years in honor of her father Sonny Jackson, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009.

“I was devastated when the doctor gave me the news. I was heartbroken knowing the uncertainty of the future my dad was facing. Filled with questions of how my sisters and I were going to take care of him. I am now facing the same thing with my mom who is exhibiting the same behaviors and memory problems my dad began with years ago.”

After runner 4 marathons and more than 25 half marathons, Penny has great tips for running and for fundraising.

“My biggest running tip is rest! Rest is important. You have got to get that rest in to be able to recover from long runs and to prep for them as well. This year if I reach my goal I am going to dye my hair purple for the marathon! I am literally going purple to EndAlz! And a final thing I do is to ask donors to comment with the name of somebody they would like for me to run for in honor or memory. I make note of those names and write them on my ALZ Stars shirt to wear on race day.

Join Penny and turn your fitness goal into something more by becoming an Alzheimer’s Association ALZ Star runner! Learn more and register at: Chevron Houston Marathon ALZ Star Page

For more information on how to get involved, contact Samantha Duffy at or at 713-314-1349.

Penny says, “If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, always treasure your moments with them. Good times and bad, show them you love them. Don’t be afraid. Through this awful disease I have become closer to my dad. I’m stronger than I thought and I’m more compassionate.”