The Brazosport Facts: Letter to the Editor

Published April 22, 2017:

Dale Libby
Board Chairman – Brazoria County Gathering Place Interfaith Ministries
Brazoria County Alzheimer’s Awareness Project Coordinator
2017 Brain Health Fair & Benefit Chairman

There are more than 15 million Americans caring for someone with Alzheimer???s or another dementia, including 1.4 million here in Texas. I am one of those people.

Recently, I was honored to participate with 1,300 others from across the country in the Alzheimer???s Association Advocacy Forum in Washington, D.C., where we appealed to Congress for action on Alzheimer???s disease.

My wife has severe Alzheimer???s and she is only 62 years old. She has been in hospice care for over a year. Experiencing this is heartbreaking.

Besides the human toll, Alzheimer???s is the most expensive disease in the nation, costing $259 billion in 2017. Nearly one in every five Medicare dollars is spent on people with Alzheimer???s or another dementia. These costs will continue to increase as baby boomers age, soaring to more than $1.1 trillion in 2050.

Alzheimer???s is not only devastating, but it is fatal. There are no survivors. Alzheimer???s is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. and the only cause of death among the top 10 without a way to prevent, stop or even slow its progression.

Thank you to Representative Randy Weber and Senator Ted Cruz for meeting with us to discuss the Alzheimer???s crisis. ??We’re counting on you to support a $414 million increase for federal Alzheimer???s research funding for FY2018.

It is only through adequate funding and a strong implementation of the “National Plan to Address Alzheimer???s Disease” that we will meet the goal of preventing and effectively treating Alzheimer???s by 2025.

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