Can I Catch Alzheimer???s?

The short answer? No. There is no suggestion that Alzheimer???s is contagious or transmittable from surgeries or blood transfusions. You may have read one of the many articles detailing a recent study of deceased Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease patients who had been treated by injections of human growth hormone. In their paper Evidence for Human Transmission of Amyloid-?? Pathology & Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy, researchers stated that four of the eight patient???s autopsies showed the presence of amyloid-??, a neuron-clogging protein and indicator of Alzheimer???s disease.
While this is unusual, and could suggest the possibility of the protein being transferred from person to person, the protein alone is a part of Alzheimer???s disease, not Alzheimer???s itself. The presence of abnormal plaque and protein in a person???s brain does not necessarily mean the person will develop Alzheimer???s.
So far, only animal studies have successfully shown the transfer of Alzheimer???s protein from one animal to another. The findings of these scientists relate to a very specific circumstance and treatment and cannot be applied to the general population.

If you???d like to read the paper mentioned in this post, please click the following link!
& in this FAQ, the authors of the paper answer concerns related to their study

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