Country legend Glen Campbell gives Best Performance in Fight Against Alzheimer’s!

Singer, songwriter and actor, Glen Campbell publicly announced he was diagnosed with Alzheimer???s disease. An active and successful performer since 1958, Campbell is known for his vocals, guitar, banjo, bass and bagpipe skills.?? He recorded his final record and then went on tour for the last time.

During the 2012 Grammy Awards, Campbell received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Later, he became an advocate of Alzheimer???s disease cause testifying in Washington, D.C. on the critical need to increase Alzheimer???s research.

Today, the 78-year old country legend resides in an Alzheimer???s treatment facility due to his rapidly progressing Alzheimer???s. His Alzheimer???s progression is unfortunately very common. According to research, more than 5 million Americans are suffering with Alzheimer???s, not including the rest of the world. Someone in America develops Alzheimer???s disease every 67 seconds. Over 30 million global citizens over the age of 60 are diagnosed with this disease, and it is likely to double in numbers over the next 20-30 years!

Glen Campbell is a true example of courage. He chose to live life fully during the early-onset period of Alzheimer???s disease, sharing his journey with the rest of the world through his incredible musical gifts. His performance following his Alzheimer???s disease diagnosis will likely be remembered as his greatest act and most lasting legacy.

-Hanna Aviles

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