Dentist’s Last Gift Brings Large Donation to Alzheimer’s Association


Joy, one of our dedicated support group leaders recently passed along this note to us about her sister, Lynda, whose husband recently had died after battling Alzheimer’s disease. After his death, Lynda decided to donate all of his dental equipment. When others offered to pay for some of the expensive equipment, Lynda suggested they make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association, Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter in honor of her late husband.

My sister, Lynda, was a full time caregiver to her husband, Stan, for more than four years. He
was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her life was dedicated to his care. Before this disease
hit him, he was a successful dentist and continued his practice through the age of 78. Once he retired, he chose to do many things?????? instead the?????dementia decided to take over him and progressed rapidly.

As Lynda began to see the signs of dementia influencing Stan??????s life, she committed to
care for him at home in a familiar environment. Thus began her journey. As the
disease took over, she faced it with courage and fortitude, knowing this was important
for Stan??????s well-being and care. There were times when he was not happy with having the
disease. He never wanted to burden her with the problems that came with being a caregiver.
Lynda, however, looked beyond that and lovingly cared for him all the way to the end
of his journey. She unselfishly made sure he was comfortable and even though her
care and giving patience was tested on a regular basis, she still smiled and gave him a
wonderful life at home.

Stan eventually got pneumonia and after 3 ?????? weeks in the hospital, he passed away. It was the end of his journey. This was a sad time in her life, yet Lynda found the courage and strength to do more.

After Stan retired from dentistry he kept much of the small and medium sized equipment
from his practice stored in their garage in boxes on shelves and on the floor. With Stan??????s
passing last November, Lynda decided to share the dental equipment with other dentists,
whether they had long established or newly established practices, they could appreciate
this wonderful offer. When money was offered to her for the expensive equipment, she
gently requested for them to make a donation to the Alzheimer Association in Stan??????s
honor. Later she learned that there were sizeable donations made to honor her request.

Lynda is always unselfish and has such a generous nature. She always thinks of others. No matter what, her unselfish dedication to?????find ways to educate others while encouraging donations towards the research to end?????Alzheimer Disease continues. She just keeps on giving. She truly is an angel for all she?????has done and continues to do.

We both continue to attend the Alzheimer??????s support group meetings?????in The Woodlands, TX. Lynda unselfishly hopes to assist other?????families and caregivers deal with this disabling disease with hopes of lightening their?????journeys.?????

AlzTex Admin

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