Early Stage Chronicles: Alzheimer’s Growing Together with Moody Gardens

Let them know of my heart felt emotions for taking the time to make us feel welcomed.

In partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, Moody Gardens offers a monthly early-stage social engagement program. This group meets monthly from October to April with each month?? featuring a different aspect of Moody Gardens.

These social engagement programs are a great opportunity for individuals with early-stage dementia to connect with others in a similar situation.?? A friend, family member, or care partner attends as well and has the opportunity to share a meaningful experience as well as connect with others.

Mike W. from Sugar Land, Texas recently shared with us about the December programs:

???Holidays in the Gardens???, as a caregiver I wish to thank you for putting these programs together now that Carol and I are starting down a new road together.

For all the ones that did not attend, they missed an outstanding program with the most perfect weather.?? Kelly, Molly, Jennifer, Megan (hope I have their names spelled correctly) went over above to make the night a memorable one.?? Let them know of my heart felt emotions for taking the time to make us feel welcomed.

Carol loves baking and to see the look on her face as Molly helped her put the ingredients into the jar brought a tear to my eyes.?? When we go to Carol???s sister for Thanksgiving, Carol usually makes the pies.

All six of us ate Holiday Dinner Buffet together and had wonderful conversations.?? Carol and I stayed at Moody Gardens Hotel looking out at the Pyramids lit up for the holidays and the Festival of Lights we toured.?? We also remembered the wonderful day we had seeing ???Tiny Giants??? at MG 3D Theater and the Rainforest Pyramid looking for new animals we had never seen.?? Kelly let us know the Saki Monkey now has a girlfriend.

Thank you again, you have a very special job, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Mike W. , caregiver to Carol, Sugar Land, Texas

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