Fight as a Family

Alzheimer???s disease is not a disease of the individual but a disease of the??entire family ??? everyone involved is impacted by the diagnosis. This article highlights some amazing resources available for young children, grandchildren, parents and teenagers impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. A variety of fictional and nonfictional books, articles, websites and other materials are provided for each age group. This article recognizes that people of different ages with different familial roles require catered information on how to cope and respond to the disease.


For example, there are illustrated story books listed for young children to understand the change in his or her grandparent. For teenagers, there are brain basics and educational materials to learn more about the disease. Lastly, there are also resources on how to explain dementia to children and young people from a parent or grandparent perspective.

All of these supplies are extremely helpful for any family managing the disease and either have free online access or can be purchased through the site. By taking advantage of resources available, family members and individuals who are diagnosed can better understand and cope with the disease.

-Caroline Bortz

AlzTex Admin

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