Glen Campbell Documentary War?

Glen Campbell is a ??famous country legend, who was also diagnosed with Alzheimer???s Disease and has been a champion for the Alzheimer???s Association for many years. He had a documentary movie in the works entitled, ???Glen Campbell: I???ll Be Me??? , which was supposed to tell the story of his Alzheimer???s disease progression and how it has affected his life. He is currently being sued by the production company that he was supposed to have partnered with him in this project for seeking outside assistance.

This article brings forth the question of autonomy and Alzheimer???s disease, or whether or not a contract can be considered legal if it is signed by someone who has Alzheimer???s disease. This issue will be brought up much more in the future, with expanding awareness and diagnosis. We hope that this issue can be resolved and that Glen Campbell???s story can be told.


AlzTex Admin

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