Learn To Love Them As They Are

It???s no surprise that at times it gets hard to accept that your loved one has changed. The personality they have now is different. The outlook on life and the way they do things are different. The characteristics you became accustomed to are no longer present. But does that mean you love them differently? The answer is No.

You do not love them differently. You love them with the same certainty and respect as you always have. The love you have for that person should not change with the stage of Alzheimer???s they???re in. What may and most likely will change is how you treat that person and how you ???show??? that love. That person is learning to love themselves, too. They are learning that although they may not trust their brain anymore, they can still be at peace with the changes. They learn to value the past ??? and to let it go at the same time.

It may seem like as soon as you begin to embrace and get to know each new version of their personality, it changes again. ??Some changes are harder than others, but you have to learn to love them as they are in that moment. You do not love them as they were yesterday, or as they might have been if they’d never gotten Alzheimer’s, but love them as they are in that exact moment.

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Talysa McCall

AlzTex Admin

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