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Martha Clare Morris, and her team at Rush University Medical Center, have collaborated to create a diet to combat Alzheimer’s disease. The MIND diet, short for Mediterranean-DASH Diet Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, combines the Mediterranean and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diets in an effort to tackle cognitive decline with brain-healthy food groups.

The Mediterranean and DASH diets have been shown to reduce the risk of a number of health problems, including high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, and dementia. Morris and her colleagues fused these effective diets and assessed which foods and their nutrients have the most positive and negative effects on the brain. The result? A diet ranked number one easiest to follow in 2016, and ranked as the second best diet for health eating, by US News & World Report.

The Best Diets ranking looks at 35 different diets and ranks them in a variety of categories after sourcing medical journals and government reports. The MIND diets accolades include tying first place in the easiest to follow diet category, and tying for second place in best overall diet. It also tied for third and fourth place for best diet for healthy eating and best diet for diabetes respectively.

If you’re thinking about starting the MIND diet, you’re going to want to know what’s in it.
The diet consists of 15 dietary components, ten brain-healthy food groups and five unhealthy groups!
Check out the graphic below!
MIND Diet FoodsIn recent studies, participants who stuck to the diet rigorously showed up to a 53% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Those who didn’t follow the diet strictly still showed a 35% lower risk of the disease. These statistics are promising; however Morris does say that the results of these studies need to be confirmed by other researchers through randomized trials and varying populations.

Want to start the MIND diet? Canadian Living has laid out a meal plan to get you started!

MIND Diet Meal Plan

For more information about the MIND diet, visit:

Meal Plan Chart & ‘What’s on the MIND Diet Graphic taken from the December 2015 issue of Canadian Living

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