Music & Memory ??? ???I???ll Remember How You Loved Me???

On January 13th, 2017, American country music songwriter Natalie Hemby released her first studio-album, Puxico. ??Hemby has written 5 #1 Billboard singles- ??her songwriting & vocal talent both shine in all 9 of her new album???s tracks. ??The musicality and lyrics of the 8th song in the album, ???I???ll Remember How You Loved Me,??? are particularly moving.

In “I’ll Remember How You Loved Me,” the subtle steel guitar and soothing vocals evoke a feeling of nostalgia as Hemby reminisces about fading treasured memories and the powerful feelings of love. She lists in detail specific things from her past that she may eventually forget, but maintains that she will always remember the strong feelings of love and being loved. ??She brings her ???forgotten??? memories to life in song.

???When the details turn to dust; and the words get worn and frayed; and the past is trapped in photographs til our last days. I???ll remember how you loved me.???

Many people associate music with important events and a variety of emotions. This connection can sometimes be so strong that hearing a song can evoke a memory related to it. A person???s ability to interact with music including moving to the beat and singing remains intact even in the later stages of Alzheimer???s. Although music is far from a cure, it can still be used to cope and can provide an opportunity for people with Alzheimer???s to connect with their caregivers.

Even when memories are lost, our feelings are still ever present. Show compassion ??? the feeling of being loved is one that everyone deserves to remember even if they need to be reminded of it each day.

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