New Video Game Helps to Create a Sense of Empathy

We would like to think that everyone is sympathetic to those with Alzheimer’s disease. Sympathetic to what they must feel and how they cope with this disease. Truth be told, we really do not know how it feels to be in their shoes. But what if we could?

A new video game, Forget-Me-Knot, has been created to put its players in the shoes of someone battling Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Alexander Tarvet, creator of the game and a student in Abertay University’s Game Design & Production Management program in Dundee, Scotland, says the aim of the game is to raise awareness of the brain disease, in which a person’s memory, thinking ,and problem-solving skills progressively worsen over time.


While sympathy for a person with Alzheimer’s is needed, we rarely get the opportunity to have true empathy. In the scenes of the game, “players” have to navigate the vague paths, filtering through clues found on shelves and in drawers to understand where they are. They get an immediate sense of the confusion and even frustration that their loved one feels.

“Putting yourself into the shoes of the person with the disease gives a very immediate, visceral sense of how disorientating and terrifying it must be to live with long-term memory loss,” Tarvet said.

For more information visit: Alzheimer’s Video Game

Talysa McCall

AlzTex Admin

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