One Voice Makes A Difference

By Kristen Young, Public Policy Director

They say it takes just one voice to start a movement, and I believe it. While working for the Alzheimer??????s Association these past few months, I??????ve had the opportunity to speak with so many people who are coping with the disease. Each conversation I have with these incredibly strong individuals makes the mission of the Alzheimer??????s Association even clearer to me: We must find a cure.

The Alzheimer??????s Association is pursuing that mission by striving to generate hundreds??????if not thousands??????of letters from Alzheimer??????s Association supporters talking about why research funding is important to individuals and communities. We will bundle your letters and share them with members of the House and Senate so that they know how many people in their state and district value efforts to find a cure.

At each Walk to End Alzheimer??????s, our chapter has been asking participants to make their voice heard by filling out a letter to Congress. Here??????s what one of these letters looks like:

But here??????s what these letters look like when we add our voices together:

It??????s pretty impressive stuff. Each of our voices added together makes for a pretty imposing movement. Together we??????re going to get the attention of our elected officials and together we will move toward finding a cure for Alzheimer??????s disease. So keep writing, and if your local Walk to End Alzheimer??????s is coming up, be sure to stop by the advocacy table and fill out your letter. There is much work to be done and we can’t do it without your voice.

You can also add your voice to ours by signing up to become advocate today.

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