Run for a Reason: Become an Alzheimer’s Association ALZ Star!

ALZ Star Angy Newell will run the Chevron Houston Marathon in honor of her mother.

Registration for the??Chevron Houston Marathon is closed, but you can register today through the Alzheimer’s Association ALZ Star Team!

The Chevron Houston Marathon Run for a Reason Program connects passionate runners with the Alzheimer???s Association and other meaningful causes here in Houston.?? Runners who join the ALZ Star team can raise funds and awareness for our mission to end Alzheimer???s disease while also participating in the largest-single day sporting event in Houston.

Although she is a coach and participate in triathlons, Angy Newell began to focus on running after having kids.

???After Harvey my parents came to live with us. My dad has had recurring pneumonia and my mom has Alzheimer???s. I needed a stress relief and really enjoy long runs and endurance races. I decided training for a marathon would be perfect.???

Angy decided to run on the ALZ Star team in honor of her mother.

???My mom loves to garden and read. We started noticing something was a little off when she stopped gardening as much and then when she stopped all together. Living with her and seeing that Alzheimer???s isn???t just forgetting things…is so hard to see your loved one go through.???

If you are new to running, Angy has some advice:

???Go to a running store and have the sales expert watch you walk and run. They will help you pick out the best fit for you. A good pair of running shoes makes a world of difference! Running in groups or even just with a buddy makes the time pass so quickly.???

Join Angy and turn your fitness goal into something more by becoming an Alzheimer???s Association ALZ Star runner! Learn more and register at: Chevron Houston Marathon ALZ Star Page

For more information on how to get involved, contact Samantha Duffy at or at 713-314-1349.

Angy says, “I???m looking forward to the challenge and to raising money and awareness for the Alzheimer???s Association!???

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