Students Create Special Mural for Alzheimer??????s Action Day

YES Prep students work on their memory mural. The mural will be displayed as part of Alzheimer’s Action Day on Sept. 21 at Discovery Green in downtown Houston.

Putting their artistic flare to use, students at YES Prep West spent Wednesday morning creating a special memory mural in honor of World Alzheimer??????s Month.????? The mural will be displayed as part of Alzheimer??????s Action Day held Sept. 21 at Discovery Green in downtown Houston.

Students first learned about Alzheimer??????s disease and other forms of dementia. The students were told that typically Alzheimer??????s patients may forget names and faces, yet still retain older memories from their past.

As part of the art project, the 6th graders were asked to reflect back on their own favorite memories from childhood they wanted to preserve through the years.????? The students then spent the next couple hours sketching and coloring their happiest memories, everything from the birth of a younger sibling to scoring their first soccer goal.

Each student attached his or her artwork to the larger mural, representing a united front in the fight against Alzheimer??????s disease.

??????Memories are really important,?????? YES Prep student Alejandro Alvarado said.????? ??????They??????re what make us all different.????? They make us who we are, so we have to protect them.??????

YES Prep art teacher Vanessa Jones was appreciative staff and volunteers from the Alzheimer??????s Association, Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter were able to educate the students about the disease.

??????I really want to thank the volunteers for coming out today,?????? Jones said.????? ??????The students definitely learned a lot about Alzheimer??????s disease and the importance in joining together to fight it.????? And, of course, they??????re all excited about having their artwork on display at Discovery Green.??????

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