Think You Have Long-Term Care Expenses Covered?

The Texas?????Long-Term Care Partnership, 2013 Houston Walk to End Alzheimer’s sponsor, graciously wrote this article for our blog.

Being able to afford the care you need as you get older can take a tremendous toll, both emotionally and financially, even if you think you??????ve planned for it.

The fact is, nearly 70 percent of people over age 65 will need help taking care of themselves at some point in their lives.????? But health, and disability, and even Medicare, typically do not cover long-term care.????? And Medicaid is designed for those with very limited resources.

That??????s why the Texas Legislature created the Texas Long-Term Care Partnership, which has launched the Own Your Future Texas campaign. The campaign??????s website and materials can help you plan so you can maintain your independence, even if age, accident, or illness such as Alzheimer??????s disease takes away your ability to fully care for yourself.

At, you??????ll find information to help you understand what long-term care can mean to you and your family.????? You??????ll also find resources to help you map out a plan, so that when you do need help with daily life activities, it can be provided in the setting of your choice, including your own home.

Adding long-term care insurance as part of your retirement plan can be an important step in securing your future. Policies that meet the requirements of the Texas Long-Term Care Partnership also offer special consumer protections that let you keep some of your assets, even if you need to apply for Medicaid for your continued long-term care.

To find out more, or to order or download a free planning kit, visit the Texas Long-Term Care Partnership website at

The Texas Long-Term Care Partnership, created by the Texas Legislature, is a public-private partnership between state agencies and private insurance?????providers to provide high-quality insurance options to help individuals plan for their future long-term care needs.

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