Thanks to All Who Walked to Find a Cure for Alzheimer’s disease

Their shared mission: to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer???s care, support and research.

Their common desire: to one day defeat this disease that torments so many people.

October 8 was a beautiful day on Galveston Island. Over 900 people from throughout the Bay Area gathered at Stewart Beach Pavilion. Their shared mission: to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer???s care, support and research. Their common desire: to one day defeat this disease that torments so many people. Those affected are not just the patient, but also the families and friends who care for and love them.

These folks in our community raised over $145,000 for the cause. Our thank-you notes have gone out to sponsors, to team captains, to committee members. Now, we wish to publicly offer our heartfelt thanks to?? everyone who participated in this year???s Walk to End Alzheimer???s. hose who walked, those who contributed columns and editorials and those who helped with event logistics. Everyone who participated made this a special and successful event. Along with the funds raised here, participants from 600 similar events across the United States will raise $85 million for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The collective impact is substantial.

A worldwide quest is underway to ind new treatments to stop, slow or even prevent Alzheimer???s disease. However, new drugs often take years to produce, getting from concept to market. Drugs that might seem promising in early-stage studies may not work as hoped in large-scale trials. So it is critical that Alzheimer???s and related dementia research continue to accelerate. The Alzheimer???s Association funds researchers looking at new treatment strategies and advocates for more federal funding of Alzheimer???s research. We are fortunate that our own University of Texas Medical Branch is home to some promising research.

The Alzheimer???s Association also conducts a clinical studies matching service. ???Trial Match??? connects individuals with Alzheimer???s, caregivers, healthy volunteers and physicians with current studies. Through ???Trial Match??? the association keeps a continuously updated database of Alzheimer???s clinical trials. It includes more than 250 promising clinical studies being conducted at over 700 trial sites across the country. People with Alzheimer???s, caregivers and healthy volunteers are needed to participate in Alzheimer???s and dementia research.

November is National Alzheimer???s Disease Awareness and Family Caregivers Month. If you are a caregiver, we know your commitment, your love and your support is so important. We also know that caregiving can be exhausting and at times all consuming. If you are reading this and you know someone who is a caregiver, please take a moment to offer your encouragement and to tell them of your admiration for what they are doing.

If you are interested in Trial Match, in Awareness and Caregivers Month, or want to find important resources, please visit

I was privileged to chair this years event, and was happy to do so to honor the memory of my dad, Frances Cantini, and my father-in-law Bill Levin. I hope whatever your backstory, whatever prompted your participation this year, that you found it a meaningful experience. We hope to see you again next year.

Next year???s event is scheduled for Oct. 14 once again at Stewart Beach Pavilion. If you haven???t participated before, we hope you???ll consider doing so this coming year.

AlzTex Admin

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