The P.I.P.E Series

The PIPE Series (Praise in Purple Education) was lead by Talysa McCall, Mission & Development Specialist at the Alzheimer???s Association, in order to raise awareness, funds, and friends within the African American community.

The PIPE Series covers a 3-day period in mid-September, late October, and early November and includes education, participation, and awareness events in African American Churches in the greater Houston area.?? The PIPE Series has been conducted at/with Holman Street Baptist Church, Windsor Village United Methodist Church, and The Fountain of Praise.

The PIPE Series agenda begins at noon on Friday when congregants enjoy a lunch provided by a sponsoring organization and an educational ???Lunch and Learn??? presentation from a panel of experts from the fields of social work, geriatric care management, estate and financial planning, and elder law.?? The presentation is hosted by a volunteer from that church. The presentation is informal and follows a ???question and answer??? format. Before and after the presentation, attendees are given the opportunity to visit pre-selected vendors who are key community partners with the Alzheimer???s Association. Through our partnership with the Houston Alliance to Address Dementia (HAAD) we were also able to offer free respite care for our Lunch & Learn attendees.

The next morning, Saturday, members of the church???s walk??team, who have been fundraising prior to the day of the event, gather and participate in one of 13 Walks to End Alzheimer???s in the Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter region.

Finally, on Sunday morning, church congregation members and clergy will help the Alzheimer???s Association raise awareness through Praise in Purple.?? All congregants are encouraged to wear purple and a volunteer from the church hosts the Alzheimer???s resource table before and after the church service. In addition, in some cases, the pastor even mentions the cause from the pulpit.


Through The PIPE Series we were able to partner with eight of Houston???s most influential African American churches. A total of 328 persons registered for the Friday Lunch & Learns. A total of 5 teams were formed raising a total of $2,023 for the Walk to End Alzheimer???s. Over the course of three consecutive Sunday???s and across all eight churches more than 60,000 persons participated in Praise in Purple for Alzheimer???s Awareness. The PIPE Series provided a creative way of covering every aspect of the Strategic plan.

Talysa McCall

AlzTex Admin

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