Twiddlemuffs: A Calming Tool for Individuals with Alzheimer’s

Their appearance alone inspires a curiosity in anyone who lays eyes on the mass of chunky yarn & miscellaneous baubles that has come to be known as a Twiddlemuff. The desire to reach out & touch is instantly triggered by the colors, varying textures and objects, and the mystery??? just what is a Twiddlemuff?

TwiddleMuffs are knitted muffs decorated with textured items such as buttons, zips, beads, ribbons, and other safe trinkets sewn inside and out. They were designed to keep restless hands warm and busy and are thought to be excellent therapeutic tools for individuals living with Alzheimer’s, providing activity for hands and promoting brain stimulation. Having something to hold and manipulate, something to ???twiddle??? with, can have a calming effect on a person who has dementia. The Twiddlemuffs provide a source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation while keeping hands snug and warm.

We at the Alzheimer???s Association Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter want to provide TwiddleMuffs to individuals living with dementia in order to improve cognitive function, engagement, and quality of life.

We are recruiting volunteers and members of the community who want to learn a new skill and help to create TwiddleMuffs for people with memory issues.

This is a great opportunity for volunteers of all ages to socialize and promote brain health as they learn how to knit with others. Don???t worry if you are not an expert; the pattern is very simple!

Our next workshop is on Tuesday, July 26th from 1pm-2pm at our Houston Office, 6055 South Loop E, Houston, TX 77087.

Twiddlemuff Workshop Photo

If you aren???t a knitter or are unable to join us in making TwiddleMuffs, but would like to contribute to this project, donations of yarn, buttons, beads, marbles, ribbons etc. would be greatly appreciated. Together, we can help to improve the experiences of those with dementia.

To learn more about The TwiddleMuff Project, contact our Volunteer Manager, Sabrina Strawn at

If you???ve made a Twiddlemuff of your own, we would love to see it! Show us your work:

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