The Validation Method for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

A Holistic Therapy for Treating Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

What is Validation?

The Validation Method is a holistic therapy for treating Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It is a method of communication that emphasizes listening and empathy. Validation helps reduce stress for caregivers while enhancing dignity, self-worth, and happiness for Alzheimer’s patients. This method offers people with Alzheimer’s or dementia a way to express themselves whether that be verbal or nonverbal.

Where did the Validation Method begin?

This method of communication was developed by Naomi Feil as a response to her dissatisfaction with traditional methods of working with people with with Alzheimer’s and dementia. She is the Founder and Director in Chief of the Validation Training Institute. Her method stresses the importance of patience and observation when communicating with people diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s to help them feel human connections again.

Validation Method in Practice with Alzheimer’s Patient

The Benefits of the Validation Method for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

  • Alzheimer’s patients communicate more verbally and non-verbally.
  • Alzheimer’s patients express less anxiety.
  • Caregivers express a greater sense of fulfillment and morale
  • Caregivers experience a decrease in stress.
  • Alzheimer’s patients experience an improved sense of self-worth.

Learn about more benefits of the Validation Method.

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