Volunteer Training Day: ALZ 101, Speakers & Facilitator Training

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Join us for Volunteer Training Day! Come learn more about the Alzheimer???s Association and how you can join us in the fight to end Alzheimer???s at ALZ 101, enroll in Speaker???s Bureau Training*??(10am ??? 3pm) to become a volunteer speaker for the Alzheimer???s Association, or attend the Facilitator Training**??(10am ??? 1:30pm) to learn how you can become an Alzheimer???s Support Group Facilitator!

for the ALZ 101 (10am-11am) training here

Please call or email Volunteer Manager, Sabrina Strawn at 713-314-1332 | sstrawn@alz.org for more information or to register.

*To be eligible to enroll in Speakers Bureau Training, volunteers must complete the following requirements:

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Be an experienced speaker; and
  3. Complete Know the Ten Signs and The Basics found online at training.alz.org.

**To be eligible to attend Facilitator Training, potential facilitators must do the following:


  1. Complete the online application ???
  2. Participate in an phone interview ???with Kathy Spetter, our care consultant/support group specialist (713-314-1393)
  3. Complete legibly, sign, and return the following forms to the volunteer manager: Facilitator Conflict of Interest Agreement, Criminal Background Check Request form, and Support Group Facilitator Agreement; The preceding documents can be downloaded here.
  4. Watch The Basics and Know the 10 Warning Signs in person or online and provide proof??? to the volunteer manager???


  1. Identify three support group meetings you plan to attend and inform the volunteer manager before attending. (In outlying areas where this may not be an option, the chapter will assign a mentor, a seasoned facilitator, to help new facilitators.)
  2. Attend 3+ support group meetings or work with mentor.

Completing these steps will qualify you to be??? a??? trained facilitator ready to lead an Alzheimer’s Association affiliated support group. Starting a new support group entails other requirements, ones that Kathy Spetter can explain.

Please call or email Volunteer Manager, Sabrina Strawn at 713-314-1332 | sstrawn@alz.org with any questions about these prerequisites.