Volunteers On The MOVE: Support Group Facilitators

It??????s National Family Caregivers Month and I couldn??????t think of a better group of volunteers to highlight than our Support Group Facilitators.????? Support Group Facilitators (SGFs for short) are often on the front lines for us at the Alzheimer??????s Association.????? They are providing one of our most critical services to communities across our service area: support for caregivers.

"The true strength of the American family finds its roots in an unwavering commitment to care for one another." - President Obama during the 2009 NFCM proclamation

Top 3 reasons to be a support group facilitator:

1)???????????????????? Help others on the caregiving journey. Whether you were a caregiver for someone with dementia or you have seen many people go through the challenging journey, support group facilitators help provide a source of relief and comfort for those who are currently caregiving.

2)???????????????????? Serve your local community.????? At the Alzheimer??????s Association, we strive to have a presence in all of the areas we serve.????? Given that we serve 37 counties in Southeast Texas, this is quite a large task.????? Through support groups we are able to provide local services to communities in need.?????

3)???????????????????? Learn valuable leadership skills.????? Our support group facilitators receive valuable training in group leadership theory, personality theory, and effective leadership, etc.????? SGFs work through challenging problems for the benefit of those in their group and often find rewarding results.

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Every 70 seconds someone develops Alzheimer??????s disease in the United States.????? Currently, we have approximately 50 support groups in our service area.????? While this is a great accomplishment, there is still more need and desire in the community for local support.

We are expanding our support group program to meet the ever-increasing need for caregiver services.????? Please consider becoming a support group facilitator today.????? If you??????re interested in becoming a support group facilitator, contact Ann Marie McDonald at annmarie.mcdonald@alz.org or Daniel Heathcock at Daniel.heathcock@alz.org 713.314.1313

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