Walk Wednesday: Link Love – Houston Chronicle Walk To End Alzheimer’s Storyteller

We are excited about the successful launch of our 2016 Walk To End Alzheimer’s season!

With 5 #Walks2EndAlz complete and 8 more to go, we are definitely feeling the positive energy and support this year. Together, we know we can raise awareness and funds to enhance Alzheimer???s care and support and advance critical research.

Walk to End Alzheimer's Houston
Walk to End Alzheimer’s Houston

The Alzheimer???s Association Walk to End Alzheimer???s is the world???s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer???s care, support and research programs. With more than than 600 walks across the US, Walk to End Alzheimer???s unites a nation as an unstoppable force in Alzheimer???s, raising more than $77 million for care and research in 2015.

This week for Walk Wednesday we are sharing a story with you from the Houston Chronicle.

Since her father’s Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis 17 years ago,

Angela has dedicated her life to being a caregiver to her father and a pillar of support for her mother, burning the highway four hours each way from her home in Houston, Texas, to Tyler, Texas, where she was born and raised and where her parents still reside. Every few days, she has religiously scouted the best doctors and caretakers, brought her dad to all sorts of appointments, and always followed through on her promise to be there for whatever her parents needed until the time finally came for her father to move to a full-time facility.

All of her memories and thoughts of her father help her cope with the incredible feeling of loss she has endured the last two decades???he was her best friend. One of the things that gives her the most comfort day to day is her involvement with the Alzheimer???s Association.

???It gives me hope. Even though I can???t reverse what has happened to Daddy, I can do my small part so that one day there will be a cure,??? said Lee.

Angela volunteers on the Walk planning committee and heads new team recruitment for the walk in Sugar Land, which will take place on October 29. She hopes to increase participation and raise as much money as possible for the cause.

???I wish I had joined a support system like the Alzheimer???s Association a long time ago,??? said Lee. ???This is a disease where you feel completely helpless???doesn???t matter how much money you have or don???t have???there???s nothing you can do to change the state of your loved one, and you can feel so alone.???

By raising awareness and supporting the effort in finding a cure to the disease, she knows that the last 17 years of her father???s illness and his death to come soon???he???s now in the late stage of the disease???will not be in vain.?? The name of her Walk to End Alzheimer???s team is Maurice, in honor of her best friend and hero, the man who walked her down the aisle.

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