Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Top Tips from Don Baird

Walk to End Alzheimers logoWalk to End Alzheimer’s is our chapter’s top awareness and fundraising event for ending Alzheimer’s disease. In 2010, over 6,500 Texans raised $772,000 for local care, support, and research.

We asked Don Baird, our top individual fundraiser for the Houston walk how he raised over $7,700 in less than a month.

Here are Don’s top fundraising tips:

There are a couple of thoughts on how to raise funds for any charitable event such as the Walk to End Alzheimer??????s.

  1. Ask everyone that you know (close and distant) for any amount of money that they feel that they can give.????? Some even specify give me $5.00 or $10.00 for the cause.????? This results in a large number (hopefully) of small gifts.????? To make this successful you need to approach 100??????s of people.
  2. Select a smaller number of people that you know have the ability to pledge a larger amount and give a bottom level dollar suggested gift such as $100.00.

I combined both methods in that I picked a relative large number of people (around 50) and asked them for a larger donation that most.

The following are some of the specifics that I used, and lessons learned.

  1. Make your email message personal as to the reason you are requesting the donation.?????????? I mentioned that Cheryl was only 57 when diagnosed with AD.
  2. Keep the email short and to the point.????? No more that 2 paragraphs,????? of no more that 3 sentences each.
  3. Ask for a specific amount.????? I stated;????? ??????Please pledge $100.00 or more to the Memory Walk??????
  4. Once you send out the initial email, follow-up with a second to those who do not respond within 5 to 10 days.????? (Most pledges will come in within the first couple of days that the email is received)????? Additionally if you see the person face to face ask ??????Did you get my email in reference to the walk???????
  5. When some one pledges send a ??????thank you ?????? email immediately
  6. Send out one last reminder 3 to 5 days prior to the event to those who have not yet responded.????? Remind them that the walk is very close and they only have 3 days to get their pledge in.????? As a result I had an approximate 90% response rate.
  7. After the event I sent an email thanking everyone for their support and inviting them to walk with me or sponsor me in 2011.

Register for a Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease near you by going to our website, alztex.org/walk.

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