Walk2EndAlz: Alzheimer’s A-Z Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising to End Alzheimer’s Disease

So you found your Walk To End Alzheimer’s
and started your team
now your ready to start fundraising to #endAlz but you just don’t where to start?

Here at the AlzTex Blog we’re got you covered with A to Z fundraising ideas! From cook-offs to tug-of-wars and everything in between, even if you don’t choose one of the fundraising ideas from this list, you’ll walk away inspired to have fun while you raise funds to end Alzheimer’s!

Have you had success in fundraising for your #walk2EndAlz team and don’t see your idea listed below? Please let us know!! Leave a comment in the comment section below and share your success.

Adult Spelling Bee ??? Each participant should be sponsored and/or raise funds for their entry fee. Between rounds, share facts about Alzheimer???s disease and the Alzheimer???s Association??.

Auctions ??? Ask for donations from local businesses and set up a live or silent auction. Auctions can be held at work or during a party. Be creative ??? auction off that VIP parking spot or ask team members to bring their favorite bottle of wine and auction them off.

Birthday Party ??? Host a purple-themed birthday party and request donations to the Alzheimer’s Association or to your Walk to End Alzheimer???s team in lieu of gifts.

Book Sale ??? Round up gently used books from your team members??? personal collections as well as donations from local publishing houses, bookstores and libraries. Spread the word, set up a table in a highly trafficked location and sell the books. Include a thank-you bookmark with a photo of your team at last year???s Walk and a link to your team???s fundraising Web page.

Change Jar ??? Each team member takes a jar and the first person to fill it up with change gets a prize. Start off with small jars and increase the size each round. As the donation totals for the Association increase, so do the prize values.

Cook off ??? Who makes the tastiest chili in your office? Who bakes the best cupcakes? Tasting judges are charged for each voting ballot. Whoever gets the most votes is crowned ???Master Chef.???

Dating Game ??? Get bachelors and bachelorettes involved with this one. The contestants are unseen and must pick their date based on the individual???s responses to questions put together by audience members. Charge admittance to this event.

Dance Competition ??? Hold a dance competition to determine which classmate or officemate has the best moves. Incorporate surprise themes (disco, break dance, ballet, moonwalk, river dance, etc.) to keep things exciting. Charge an entry fee and reward the winner with a trophy or donated prize.

Envelope at a Restaurant ??? Ask local restaurants to allow you to place donation envelopes at each table. Servers will collect funds after every sitting. Also ask if you can put up purple balloons, table tents and posters around the restaurant.

Errand Service ??? Have your team spend a day running errands for a fee.

Face Painting ??? Set up a booth at a park or in conjunction with another event.

Fashion Show ??? Put a spin on the traditional fashion show by holding a pet fashion show, a Halloween costume show or an accessory show. Be creative, charge an admission fee and find a way to incorporate stories from those affected by Alzheimer???s disease.

Game Night ??? Host a party with a variety of board games. Charge a $10 entry fee and sell snacks. Or hold a card tournament with a $20 entry fee ??? half goes to the winner and half goes to your Walk team.

Garage Sale ??? Team members band together by donating items for one huge garage sale. Advertise the sale wherever you can and make sure everyone knows that all donations benefit the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer???s Association.

Haunted House ??? Decorate a house or school and charge admission. Set up a couple games and organize a hay ride for even more fall fundraising.

Hot Dog Eating Contest ??? Substitute any food you???d like and get it donated. Instead of an entry fee, have audience members place bets on who will win.

Ice Cream Social ??? Host an office get-together by selling packaged ice cream or access to a sundae bar. Don???t forget the purple sprinkles!

Alzheimer's Fundraising Ice Cream Social
Alzheimer’s Fundraising Ice Cream Social

Igloo Contest ??? People pay an entry fee to participate in an igloo-building contest. The best one wins a prize. Igloos too difficult? How about a snowman competition?

Jail-and-Bail ??? Kidnap a boss, principal, owner of a restaurant and ship him or her off to ???jail.??? Those who are ???locked up??? can post their own bail by making a donation to the Association or they can solicit bail from friends, family, and employees.

Jeans Day ??? Have co-workers donate $5 to wear jeans for the day. Spice it up by making it a Hat Day, Team Spirit Day, Purple Day, etc.

Karaoke Night ??? Hold this event at a popular neighborhood spot and charge an entrance fee or rent a karaoke machine and hold a tournament at your house or office. Voting is done with dollars!

Kiss the Pig ??? Put photos of select teachers or employees on individual jars. He or she who has the most money in their jar must kiss the animal (or a team mascot, dog, etc.)

Lemonade Stand ??? It???s classic and effective. Let the kids help out and make the lemonade with a twist by adding fresh fruit or serve as a slushy.

Lunch with the CEO or Celebrity ??? Auction off a special lunch with your company???s CEO or a local celebrity.

Matching Gifts ??? Many companies already have a matching gift program. Ask your company to match what you raise. This is an easy way to double your funds!

Movie Night ??? Host a movie night at a local park, civic center, school auditorium, library or team member???s house. Sell popcorn, homemade treats, drinks and candy.

New Year???s Eve Party ??? Ring in the new year with donations to your Walk to End Alzheimer???s team! Make this party one not to miss with a unique theme, raffles and prizes.

Network ??? Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social networking sites to let your friends and family across the country know about your Walk to End Alzheimer???s fundraising efforts. Post your goal and periodic progress updates. Include links to your Walk personal page.

Office Olympics ??? Hold events like typing competitions, swivel chair races, staple pull contests, a stress ball toss, a water cooler drinking game, etc. Ask all athletes to pay an entry fee.

Ornament Sale ??? Create holiday ornaments with your team and sell them.

Pancake Breakfast ??? This is a perfect event to host before work or a worship service. Pair coffee and juice with the pancakes and charge $10 a plate.

Play-Off ??? Choose your favorite sport and put departments, teams, students, teachers, etc. up against each other to compete. Invite the rest of the school or company to watch and cheer. Sell tickets or charge an admission at the door.

Questions-for-$1 ??? Set up a jar and charge one dollar (or any donation) per question you answer. Ask your boss to set one in his or her office too!

Quiz Bowl ??? Hold a trivia night at a local establishment. See if the restaurant will donate a gift card to the winner and a portion of the night???s proceeds to your Walk to End Alzheimer???s team.

Raffles ??? Raffle off prizes or split the pot with the popular 50/50 option.

Rapping Contest ??? Showcase talent or lack of talent for fun and charity!

Services ??? Team members offer services for a fee and donate all proceeds. Ideas include salon treatments, photography, babysitting, golf lessons, landscaping and other odd jobs. These services could also be used as prizes for another fundraiser.

Spot the Baby Competition ??? Have everyone bring in baby photos of themselves. Invite co-workers, friends or family to see who can correctly identify the most. Charge $5 for each entry.

Theater Night ??? Ask your local theater to put on a special performance in which a portion of the ticket (and possibly concession) sales is donated to your Walk team. Invite everyone you know and promote the event through social media.

Tug-of-War Tournament ??? Hold a tug-of-war tournament to find out which department or class is the strongest. Teams pay an entry fee and are encouraged to create names and T-shirts. Hold a potluck afterward and set out donation canisters.

Ugly Sweater Contest ??? Get a group involved and have the audience vote for the ugliest sweater using dollars ($1 = one vote). Split the pot with the winner.

Unwanted Gifts Sale ??? Get your co-workers, friends, and family to donate their unwanted Christmas gifts. Set up a bazaar and sell them off.

Vacation Day ??? Ask your employer if the company can offer a paid vacation day as a prize for your fundraiser.

VIP Parking ??? Raffle off that coveted parking spot for a week, month or even a year.

Weed the Garden ??? Offer to weed gardens or pull dandelions from the lawns of friends and neighbors for a donation.

Wine-Tasting Party ??? Secure wine, cheese and chocolate donations or pull from your team members??? stashes! Invite all your friends to attend and charge admission.

X-mas Party ??? Dedicate your annual holiday party to Walk to End Alzheimer???s. Ask your family, friends, and co-workers for donations instead of presents. Honor people affected by the disease and their caregivers by lighting candles.

X Marks the Spot Treasure Hunt ??? Following clues, teams pay a fee to compete against each other to discover the donated ???hidden treasure.???

Yacht Race ??? Organize a paddle boat race, charge a competition fee and offer prizes for first, second and third places.

Yoga Lunch ??? Get your co-workers to ???ommmm??? away work stress in a lunchtime yoga session. Find a yoga instructor who will donate half or all the proceeds back to your team. Afterward, provide healthy workout treats or water bottles labeled with information about your Walk team and fundraising goal. Not into yoga? How about Zumba?

Zany Day ??? Get people to pay to dress in the craziest outfits they can come up with.

Zzzzzzs ??? Pay a fee to catch some extra Zs and go into work late one Friday.

* Be sure to check your local laws before implementing fundraisers to ensure your event does not violate any state gambling laws.

Visit alz.org/walk and log into your Participant Center for more fundraising tips and tools.

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