Why I Walk – Jaryd Camfferman

Today, Jaryd Camfferman, Team Captain of Memory Generators, shares with us why he walks…

I first heard about the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on a commercial, and immediately went to the website to join a team. The support from co-workers, friends, and family lent high spirits as we prepared for the 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer’s here in Houston. Though 2011 was our first year to walk, we will continue to walk for the fight to find a cure to help not only our family that is affected by this disease, but also the other numerous families struggling to fight against it. Seeing how many people came to walk on October 22, 2011 was an amazing sight that brought tears to our eyes because we all are different individuals, but we share the same hope. The walk brings people together, not as individuals, but as one family and that is what makes the Alzheimer’s Association a?????strong, meaningful organization.

Numerous members of my family have passed away due to Alzheimer’s, and?????I have close relatives now living through what may seem like a foggy mirror. The reason my family walked is not only for our struggles with Alzheimer’s, but for others’ struggles?????as well. To see someone who once thrived with happiness and laughter go to a state of confusion breaks our hearts, because they will never know who we are to them and what they mean to us. We are lost figures in their mind, which, for us, makes for a very long good-bye. Five of our family members have passed away due to this epidemic, and we currently have one who is fading fast. Hopefully, through the sharing and caring support from the Alzheimer’s Association, we may find what causes this ailment and finally put a stop to its destruction.

This year is a new year to continue to walk and the fight for a cure. Thankfully, there is now a bill issued by President Obama to help those in need. We all need to continue our efforts and give Alzheimer’s the publicity it needs to enhance awareness. We are the voice for those who no longer have one and we honor those who we have lost.

Whether you are personally affected by Alzheimer’s or not, you can register to Walk today!

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