Why I Walk – Ramona Jones

Today, Ramona Jones from Covenant Dove nursing homes shares why she?????Walks to End Alzheimer??????s.

My name is Ramona Jones.????? I am a registered nurse and have been a director of nurses for several long-term care facilities since 1997. As I worked to become a nurse, I preferred caring for the geriatric population primarily because of the complexities of their overall health, which included cardiac issues, diabetes, poor respiratory status and other health issues. But, for a great many of these residents,?????Alzheimer??????s disease?????played a major part of what kind of health care they received. ?????In the past, long-term care facilities placed dementia patients behind locked doors ??????for their own safety?????? and allowed them to wander about without purpose.

This is not how I wanted any of my residents to be treated. I have striven to improve each facility??????s dementia care program to accommodate the residents?????? individual needs. Even though they may have dementia or?????Alzheimer??????s disease, our residents?????? dignity should never be compromised. ?????Providing an environment that enhances even one moment of their day has been my quest.

I have created quiet rooms with color, texture and music using my artistic abilities and nursing knowledge. I have helped set up programs that assist with creating an environment that varies in cognitive levels to benefit each resident??????s current interests.????? I teach caregivers to understand and not to diminish the small accomplishments of simple tasks done??????even if not well. Each resident with dementia wants to know they are still useful and appreciated.

Alzheimer??????s disease?????has affected three members of my own family. ?????I only hope that the knowledge that I have gained throughout the years will reveal that the residents (and their families) assigned to my care will have the dignity and recognition they deserve. I hope one day to see all forms of dementia eliminated.????? That??????s why I?????Walk to End Alzheimer??????s.

For more information on how to get involved or register a team, please visit?????alz.org/walk

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