Why I Walk – Teri Miller

As Walk Season approaches, Teri Miller who coordinates the Early Stage/Early Onset Programs here at the Houston and Southeast Texas chapter, shares why she walks:

Years ago, when our youngest son accompanied me to a local bank to pick up new checks for our older son who was turning 16, he asked “Who will get me my checks?”  When I inquired what he meant, he answered, “You know, by then you and Dad will both have Alzheimer’s, and I need to know who will be available to get me some checks when I’m a teenager.”  At age seven, with both grandfathers affected by Alzheimer’s disease, he had concluded that significant cognitive impairment was part of normal aging.

This is why I walk in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s; not for our family…..but for the next generation.┬á Alzheimer’s is not a legacy anybody wants to pass on.┬á Only by working together will we realize a future without Alzheimer’s.

Why do you Walk?  Let us know at walk@alztex.org and you could be featured in a future blog post! Haven’t signed up for the Walk yet?  It’s so easy – sign up today!

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