Why I Walk – Vicki Mireles

Vicki Mireles, Team Captain of Angels of Hope,?????shares why she walks…

My mom had cirrhosis of the liver when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.????? Since it wasn’t caught in time, she was in the middle stages of Alzheimer??????s; I had to put her in an assisted living facility because she could no longer take care of herself.????? She managed to stay in the assisted living home for a year while I tried to get her Medicaid.????? Then I moved her to a nursing home.????? I watched her decline in the two years that she spent in the assisted live home and nursing home.????? It is hard to watch someone you love go downhill.????? I?????am so glad that I got to spend time with her every day for the last two years of her life.????? I will treasure those memories of our time together for the rest of my life.

Walk in honor of all families affected.????? Haven??????t signed up for the Walk yet?????? It??????s so easy ?????? sign up today!

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